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As citizens of Arizona, we are dedicated to the conservation and sustainability of all of Arizona's wildlife.

Conservation in peril!

Arizonans for Wildlife, under the direction of the Humane Society of the United States, has launched a ballot initiative to take wildlife management out of the hands of the trained biologists at the Arizona Game and Fish Department. They are intentionally spreading misinformation about current wildlife management practices for mountain lions, bobcats, ocelots, jaguars, and Canadian lynx without considering the potentially devastating effects on other species of wildlife.

How would this ballot initiative harm wildlife?
‎An increase in bobcats and mountain lions will endanger more sensitive species that AZGFD has worked to either reintroduce to Arizona or keep from extinction. Like the Black Footed ferret, the Pronghorn antelope and Big Horn sheep along with many others. This initiative will also rob wildlife and managers of license and revenue monies which directly fund research projects and conservation that benefit all wildlife species.

The Humane Society of the United States is the largest, most powerful animal rights group in the nation. They do not operate animal rescues or directly fund shelters. Their goal is to end all animal use by humans including the complete abolition of all forms of hunting.

Here are a couple of quotes from Wayne Pacelle, CEO of HSUS:

"We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals."

" We are going to use the ballot box and the democratic process to stop all hunting in the United States[...]We will take it species by species until all hunting is stopped in California. Then we will take it state by state."

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The Facts

Arizonans for Wildlife is an anti-hunting group funded by the Humane Society of the United States with a history of spreading misinformation.

Cruel Traps?

The use of leg hold or body gripping traps has been illegal on all public land in Arizona since 1994 by Proposition 201.


Mountain lions and bobcats are some of the most widely-distributed mammals in the Western Hemisphere.

Orphaned kittens?

Arizona Game and Fish law and season structure do not allow the take of kittens or females with kittens. Males do not participate in the rearing of kittens.


Hounds and houndsmen provide wildlife scientists invaluable information for the conservation of wild cat species around the globe, where they provide a safe and humane method of live capture for research to help insure these species continued survival. These same hounds provide an ethical and selective method for hunts.

Jaguars, ocelot, and lynx

Canadian Lynx do not exist in Arizona. Jaguar and ocelot are extremely rare, but they are already protected against all hunting and trapping by federal law. There have been no cases of incidental take of these species.

But that's not all...

Trophy hunting is already illegal
Title 17 Game and Fish 17-309 Violations: “Take a game bird, game mammal or game fish and knowingly permit an edible portion thereof to go to waste.”

Existing models are very successful
Arizona Game & Fish has been using the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation to successfully manage our wildlife for decades with great success.

IUCN data agrees with this assessment
IUCN sources list both mountain lions and bobcats as ‘least concern’. This species is listed as Least Concern because it is one of the most widely-distributed mammals in the Western Hemisphere. [They are] abundant and wide-ranging and [are] not suspected to be declining.

But who pays for all of this?
Currently, wildlife conservation is largely funded by hunters through the purchase of licenses and tags. Without regulated hunts, population control will be up to Arizona Game & Fish at taxpayer's expense.

Join the fight against the AFW ballot initiative today!

What can I do?

Educate Yourself

Utilize the resources at your disposal to ensure that you have accurate information supported by science. Click here to visit our friends at AZSFWC to learn more!

Spread the Message

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Support AZ Game & Fish

These are the men and women doing real work to protect our wildlife. Click here for more information on the management of wild cat species in Arizona!

Decline to Sign

Arizonans for Wildlife are actively gathering signatures for a ballot initiative that is terrible for wildlife conservation. Click here for more information


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